SECTION:Conduct of Research
REVIEW RESPONSIBILITIES:IRB Policy and Procedure Committee
REVISION DATES:January 31, 2002; August 12, 2002; March 19, 2004

Subject: Payments to Research Participants

1. Third-party: Any person or vendor (external to the University) who receives payment for providing research-related services and/or products.
2. Research Payments: Cash and non-cash payments for reimbursement of time and expenses associated with participation in research activities.

It is the policy of the Vanderbilt University (VU) Institutional Review Board (IRB) to review and approve payments to human research participants.

I. The IRB must determine that the risks to research participants are reasonable in relation to the anticipated benefits and that the informed consent document contains an adequate description of the study procedures as well as the risks and benefits. Payment to research participants in studies is not considered a benefit. Rather, it should be considered compensation for time and inconvenience or a recruitment incentive. The amount and schedule of all payments should be presented to the IRB at the time of initial review. The IRB should review both the amount of payment and the proposed method and timing of disbursement to assure that neither are coercive nor present undue influence.

II. Alterations in Payments. Any alterations in research participant payment or liberalization of the payment schedule must be reported to the IRB prior to implementation as an amendment (See IRB Policy III.J).

III. Reporting Payments to the IRS. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires that Vanderbilt University (or whomever is paying the research participants for their participation) report payments in excess of $600 per calendar year on Form 1099-Misc. The filing of these forms necessitate that the name and social security number of the participant be collected on a Form W-9 and released to the Office of Accounting to process the Form 1099-Misc. The collection and release of this information must be addressed thoroughly in the informed consent document so that it is clear to participants that their identity will be released for the purpose of payment and reporting.

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